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Giving Local Flair to Your Event

Phoenix Event Venue Perfect Spot WOW factor

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If you are one of the lucky event planners who has free reign to choose a city and theme for an upcoming meeting or conference, you’re probably trying to pick the perfect spot to WOW your attendees. Once you’ve taken the first step and have chosen the right city for your event, you will then need to consider vendors, a venue and, of course, a memorable theme. A great way to impress even your most traveled attendees is to bring a little local flavor to the event. You want people to feel connected to the experience instead of getting lost in the same, been-there-done-that conference black hole.


Let’s say you find yourself in wonderful Downtown Phoenix (nudge nudge) – if you have never been to The Valley before, you’ll want to do your research and compile some information about the culture.




The Southwest is home to many fantastic Latin, Mexican and Spanish musical groups. Consider hiring a live band in lieu of a DJ for some unique, local entertainment. Who doesn’t love the sound of live instruments and vocals?


Phoenix Event Venue Perfect Spot Food

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Mexican and American Indian food really shine in this part of the country. Speak with a couple caterers in the area and ask if they have any suggestions that would help round out your Phoenician theme. Maybe some good fry bread or a Prickly Pear margarita!




There are plenty of museums and places to visit Downtown, such as the Phoenix Art Museum and the Botanical Gardens. Explore all the local murals, each one like a hidden gem. Warehouse 215 was actually built in 1918 as a commercial linen laundry. We even have the original sign in our entrance way! A historic venue will certainly amaze guests and give everyone a well-deserved break from a bland hotel ballroom.


Phoenix Event Venue Perfect Spot History

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Small touches that reflect back on the city will bring the whole theme together. Plants and flowers native to the area, like cacti and succulents, make lovely centerpieces. Also be sure to take advantage of the warm Phoenix weather, especially during those typical cold and snowy winter months. Enjoy a cocktail on the patio and take in a one-of-a-kind desert sunset. Warehouse 215 just so happens to have a beautiful patio complete with bistro lights and lush foliage!


Phoenix Event Venue Perfect Spot Scenery

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As always, please feel free to contact us for additional information. We would be delighted to host your next event!


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