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Green Couch Convo with Stylish Events by Lisa

We love getting the opportunity to work with many wedding vendors in the Phoenix valley.  There are always those vendors that bring a smile to our face when they are a part of the event.  One of those companies is Stylish Events by Lisa. With like-minded values, it’s no surprise that Lisa and her company is one of the guests of Green Couch Convos. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail and learn about the craziness that is the wedding planning industry.

Stylish Events by Lisa started five years ago and blossomed due to Lisa’s love for planning events for family and friends. They would ask her to plan baby showers, birthday parties, and so many other events that it carried into a business venture for her. Since beginning, Lisa and her team have focused on any event that you can imagine. From corporate events, parties, family events, and weddings, Lisa has taken on every type of event one could plan for! Recently, she just added on the concept of destination events and they are more than willing to travel to wherever your event may be!

From the start of her company, she has loved taking on new challenges with her couples. Be sure to check out our interview to get a story on one of her craziest events! She loves teaming up with a couple and creating a fun and sometimes non-traditional event. It allows for her to step out of her box and push her own limits. The outcome of each event is what drives Lisa to continue on with her business and help other couples experience their happy day with little stress.

Getting a peek into new areas of the wedding industry is always fun for us and we hope it is for you! Make sure to check out Stylish Events if you have an event coming up and need some help. We know Lisa would love to help you! For our other Green Couch Convos, make sure to check out our Youtube and Facebook! Don’t forget to share the love with Stylish Events by Lisa!

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