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Holiday cocktails to WOW your guests

We know it’s the end of August and you probably are focusing on how hot it still is in the Valley,  but need we remind you that holiday season is right around the corner! Technically there are only a little more than 15 weeks until the holidays start and we’re sure you know just how quickly time goes by! With all that in mind, you might need to start planning your winter events now! It’s better to get ahead of the game than far behind, right?! At least we think so! We wanted to jump start this holiday planning with some winter cocktail ideas that we think you’ll need to incorporate into your next corporate event!

Here are four of our favorite winter cocktails that we can’t wait to try this holiday season! Links will be below for you to find the exact recipes!

Photo via Lulus.com

White Chocolate Snowflake Martini

Simple from top to bottom, this drink is extremely creamy and sweet. It will fill you with holiday vibes the minute you take a sip! Not requiring a huge amount of ingredients, this can easily be your featured cocktail of the event.

What You’ll Need: Vanilla Vodka, Godiva white chocolate liqueur, white crème de cacao, half and half, a lemon wedge, and sanding sugar

Photo via The Rookie Cookie

Blackberry Ombre Sparkler

We love how festive this one looks, which makes for the perfect Instagram photos, right?! Although it could be delicious for just about any holiday, the colors fit the winter theme! Light and bubbly, this will be one your guests will keep coming their way!

What You’ll Need: Champagne, fresh rosemary, water, sugar, and fresh blackberries

Photo via The Blond Cook

Jack Frost Cocktail

The song says the he’s nipping at your nose but with this cocktail, Jack Frost will be nipping at your taste buds! This cool blue color is perfect for toasting to good friends and great company!

What You’ll Need: Vodka, cream of coconut, blue curacao, pineapple juice, ice, flaked coconut, and light corn syrup

Photo via Fox and Briar

Cranberry Irish Mule

Finally, a mule with a twist. The only change that is made is using Irish whiskey instead of vodka. Don’t forget your copper mug!

What You’ll Need: Irish whiskey, cranberry juice, ginger beer, ice, and fresh cranberries to garnish






We hope you got inspired by these fun cocktails and even added them to your list for this winter! Don’t forget to contact us to start organizing your winter corporate event at celebrate@warehouse215.com ! Keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more inspiration!

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