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Phoenix Event Venue Centennial Celebration!

Coming up on Wednesday, February 7th will be our 100-year celebration! We’re excited to celebrate this very special event of our historic building. We thought it would only be appropriate to do a blog post on the history of the building of Warehouse 215 at the Bentley Projects.

Phoenix Event Venue Centennial Celebration

The oldest parts of our historic building date back to 1918. The original use for the building was a commercial laundry service. The commercial laundry service served hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other valley businesses.

The laundry functioned until the late 1990s when the property went up for sale. By that time, the space was 22,000 square feet. At the time of sale and to this day, the building still features original exposed bow roof trusses, original brick, and original windows.

The property was purchased in 1999 by a Phoenix local who wanted to keep the integrity and original structure of the building. The building’s current owner, Bentley, purchased the building in 2005. Bay 1 & 2 were converted into an art gallery by architectures Allen & Phillip. From 2004 – 2014 the Bentley Gallery and event business coexisted in the same spaces. By late 2014 the space became so popular that they rebranded and renovated to Warehouse 215 at Bentley Projects.

Today our building located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix hosts many weddings, events, corporate luncheons, fundraisers, community events, mitzvahs & more. The gallery hosts local and international artworks. We’re very lucky to have maintained a special piece of Downtown Phoenix and have preserved the original beauty of the old laundry mill.

Please join us this Wednesday to celebrate our 100-year celebration!

RSVP Here: https://goo.gl/forms/xVdPMAo50bteQRiq2 

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