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Trimming Down Your Guest List

Event Venue Phoenix Wedding

Photo: Mike Olbinski


Unlike the Royal Couple, you probably have a budget for your moderately sized wedding, and have to consider who you will or will not invite. Just one extra guest adds a fair amount to your total cost when you consider their meal, place setting or any wedding favors you want to provide. As much as you might want to invite everyone and their mothers, following a few simple tips could save you a few hundred bucks!


  1. Make a List


Actually, make a couple. Start with your list of guests who absolutely need to be in attendance. Then make another for extended family and close friends. If you are really struggling, make a third list of potential guests you haven’t spoken to in over a year (a close friend in college, but not so much anymore). Consider the future, do you see yourself spending quality time with this person anytime soon? Don’t worry about hurting feelings, you have a budget to stick to!


Trimming Down Your Guest List

Photo: Katelyn Cantu Photo


  1. Talk with your Fiancé


It’s important to communicate with you fiancé during this process so you both are on the same page. If his/her parents are footing a good chunk of the bill, you’ll want to keep their wishes in mind, and the same can be said for your family. Keep an open line of communication to ensure you both are happy with the final list.


  1. Venue Size


A tight budget might not be the only factor dictating your guest list. If your chosen venue has a limited amount of space, you won’t want to overcrowd. Make sure your guests are comfortable. Here at Warehouse 215, we have 10,000 square feet of customizable space, so everyone has room to celebrate, dance and have a great time!


Event Venue Phoenix Wedding

Photo: Ben and Kelly Photography


  1. Children and Plus One’s


Possibly decide to exclude kids from your wedding all together, or only allow immediate family’s children. Also consider eliminating plus one’s unless the guest is married or if there are any special circumstances.



Come visit us over here at Warehouse 215 and meet with a venue concierge today! See the space for yourself and start planning your dream wedding in Downtown Phoenix.

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