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Utilizing Our Rental Items at Warehouse 215

As we’ve heard time and time again, bland ballrooms are out, and unique, non-traditional event spaces are in! Especially warehouses, and especially in the up-and-coming Phoenix Warehouse District. “For good reason, converted, updated, raw, industrial warehouse spaces are a gaining momentum in event venue markets,” says Jai Singh in blog post Unique Venues Inspire One-of-a-Kind Events. We at Warehouse 215 are so happy to be a part of this urban community and want to share our industrial, beautiful venue with all of you!

One of the best things about planning an event in a warehouse space – the endless possibilities! You won’t be confined to specific wallpaper, style, or outdated design. This is your chance to let your creativity flow. We love to help our clients envision their dream event, because sometimes visualizing the final product can be a bit difficult in the beginning. That’s why we offer lots of in-house décor pieces that are included in our rental packages, as well as additional items to help you set the scene.


Included Décor

Phoenix Wedding Venue Rental Items

Chandeliers – three timeless, crystal chandeliers hang in Bay 3 with one in the lobby, and an additional larger chandelier can be rented to place in Bay 2 as a focal point for the middle of the room or above your ceremony backdrop

Phoenix Wedding Venue Rental Items



Glass cylinder vases – these simple and versatile pieces can be filled with flowers, floating candles, sand an seashells, and so much more





Phoenix Wedding Venue Rental Items



Wax Luminaries – we place an LED tealight inside, and the warm glow creates a lovely ambiance as a centerpiece or even down the aisle




Phoenix Wedding Venue Rental Items




Silver/Gold Mercury Votives – either LED or tealight candles can be used for these pieces, that look great on cocktail tables or as an added pop of light to more elaborate centerpieces





Additional Décor

Phoenix Wedding Venue Rental Items



Glass orbs – these bring such a soft, gentle feel to the room, and can be filled with all the same items we use for our glass vases





Phoenix Wedding Venue Rental Items



Draping – one of the easiest ways to create a romantic backdrop for your ceremony, with lots of design options



Whether you are looking to plan a gala, business meeting, cocktail party or wedding, our staff will walk you through the entire process to ensure everything is absolutely perfect for you and your guests. If you have any questions about our rental items or anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out! We look forward to hosting your event here at Warehouse 215!




Singh, Jai “Unique Venues Inspire One-of-a-Kind Events.” eventplanningblueprint.com

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