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Weekday Weddings

Choosing your wedding date can involve many different factors. Weekday weddings are becoming more popular here at Warehouse 215, as couples are foregoing the usual Saturday evening event. That’s not to say that weekend weddings aren’t just as popular, for obvious reasons. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a day of the week, so be sure to keep the below in mind before booking!



One of the main reasons we are seeing more bookings on weekdays is due to affordability. At Warehouse 215, we offer lower rental rates on Fridays and even lower on a Monday-Thursday. Vendors and hotels might also offer weekday discounts.


Phoenix Wedding venues Weekday Weddings

Photo by: Dan Sauer Photography


Saturdays, being the most popular day for events, book quickly. So if you are planning a somewhat last minute wedding and find yourself in a tight spot, try opting for a Friday or even a Sunday. Both venues and vendors might be able to accommodate a last minute request.




Ease for Your Guests

Although this day is supposed to be about you and your fiancée, you might want to think about how difficult or easy it will be for your guests to attend. If you choose a weekday, you’ll want to consider rush hour traffic, so it might be better to have your ceremony start later in the day to benefit your local guests who have to work the next day. And for your out-of-state guests, they will have to plan for a longer trip than if the wedding was on a weekend (although flights will most likely be cheaper). In those situations, booking a Thursday or Friday might be a good choice to diminish the amount of time guests will be taking off from work.


Phoenix Wedding venues Weekday Weddings

Photo by: Harley Bonham Photography

Special Dates

If you and your fiancée have a tie to a specific date such as a loved one’s wedding anniversary or another date that is special to you both, being open to a weekday wedding won’t limit you! You’ll have the chance to keep that date even more memorable for years to come.



Once you and your future spouse decide on the best date for you, please feel free to give us a call, we’ll be happy to check our availability and assist you with booking Warehouse 215 for your special day. Together, we will make your dream wedding come true!

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