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Amazing Ceremony Exits or Send-Offs

After officially saying “I do,” tearing up the dance floor and eating delicious cake, it comes time for the couple to depart. Just like their celebrations, this should be nothing short of glamorous and sensational. Therefore, it is important to plan an amazing exit you!

Exits and send-offs are present at any wedding celebrations. Some include the wedding guests standing outside of the venue and watching the newlyweds run down the steps and into the car waiting to take them away on their honeymoon. However, others include participation from the guests. For example, couples at outside weddings can hand out sparklers and each guest can hold a sparkler while the couple exits. This looks great in photos and really shows a “sparkling” romance. The sparklers can be bought at any party store and are usually sold in packages or in bulk so it won’t be very costly on your budget.

Couple Kissing

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Ceremony Exits

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Another idea is passing out rose petals to each guest. As the couple passes, the guests can toss rose petals in the air to solidify and conclude the celebrations. This is also very budget friendly as a few flower petals go a long way. The newlyweds can also throw petals  back at their guests. Bubbles, balloons, streamers or lit lanterns are all cute send-off ideas, too!

Amazing Ceremony Exits

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These send-offs can be completely tailored to the wedding theme or can be general such as the examples above. This is really up to the couple and how they want to end their special day. Some couples want to go out with a bang {fireworks, sparklers, etc.} while others want a delicate and traditional sendoff {such as using flower petals}.

Amazing Ceremony Exits

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Phoenix Wedding Venue Send-offs

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Overall, all ceremony send-offs are great, so don’t be afraid to brainstorm ideas and start planning!


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