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How to Create a Catchy Instagram Hashtag

Instagram has taken our world by storm within the last couple years, especially in the wedding department. Who would have thought that there would be such an importance on hashtags?! It is a great outlet that hold memories, allowing people that couldn’t attend to see the special moments. Although it is a great way to present photos to others, there is a great importance in creating the perfect hashtag.

We found a few tips to keep in mind when developing your wedding hashtag.

Personalize It

Now this may sound like a no brainer but why wouldn’t you want it to be personalized!? It is your wedding after all. Get creative with this and include your new last name, both of your names or even a play on one of your names. Lean on people you are close with to help you get those creative juices flowing. Plus, having a generic hashtag will only look silly when you place it on cards or chalkboards for everyone to see.

via Erin Turner Photo on Borrowed and Blue

via Heather Brulez Photography on My Wedding

Don’t Overthink

This is one of the biggest tips we have. Overthinking it will lead to a boring and generic tag and you may just be settling on it. If you are wracking your brain and still come up with things that don’t make you happy, take a step back and return to it when your brain is clear.

via Lauren Fair Photography on Brides

via SipHipHorray on Etsy

Make It Memorable

This goes hand in hand with personalization but keeping it close to who you and your partner are allows for your guests to remember it! You wouldn’t want your guests to post a photo without the hashtag or even have them ask others what it was multiple times. Think outside the box!

via Mary Costa Photography on Green Wedding Shoes

via  Pinterest

Share It With Everyone

From the minute, you announce your engagement you can start using the hashtag! This not only will allow for your family and friends to start remembering but they can use it when attending events with your related to the big day! Sharing it allows for you to keep all the wedding planning events in one place and others can watch your journey. A couple way to share it at the wedding is with little cards on the table or even a giant chalkboard!

via Mirage + Light Photography on The Southern California Bride

via MemorableWedding on Etsy

We hope these tips help you when creating your wedding hashtag! Check out our Pinterest for more ideas.

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