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Get to Know Kate and Company

Quality vendors are hard to find, especially when you are relying on Google to get you through the planning process. Not only do brides need their girls when getting ready for the big day, they also need a reliable planner. Being in the industry, we’ve come across so many planners that we lost count. Companies that leave a mark on us are ones that value the couple more than anything else. They want the day to be just as special as their love for each other. Kate & Company immediately comes to mind when we think of the perfect planner for any couple.

Know Kate & Company

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kate herself and uncovering the reason behind her love for wedding planning and design. Typically, her company focuses on day of coordination but also leading up to the event. Planning a wedding can be complicated but if you chose not to bring on a full wedding planner the minute you get engaged, Kate & Company is a great option when the clock is ticking. Organizing what you want and completing the more simpler tasks of the process allows Kate and her crew to come in and seal the deal and ensure that every detail is lined up.

Wedding table set up

Starting back in 2008, Kate knew her love for planning needed its own space. She has been in the business for 30 years and it is everything that she could dream of. Planning has no limits for Kate, as she’ll turn a venue or home into the wedding of a lifetime. She disclosed that at every wedding she cries because she grows such a strong connection with each couple. Their happiness is her happiness and that is a strong passion of hers.

Her most memorable wedding was at a golf course and the couple had a photo booth that was getting set up. After uncovering they had a brought a broken camera, they started packing up and didn’t plan on finding a solution to the issue. She knew that the bride would freak out if she found out they had just left due to a defected camera so Kate started calling her contacts. Sending out messages to five separate companies, four of them came back with a want to help. One company had an extra unit that they dropped off within 30 minutes. Stopping to take time to realize there was an issue is something Kate is always paying attention to.

Looking for the perfect planner to assist with your special day?! Follow Kate & Company on social media and check out there website at kateandcompanyevents.com. For more inspiration and green couch convos, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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