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Holiday Wedding Outfits for Guests

Attending a holiday wedding can cause the confusion on what to wear. Summer weddings tend to be easier to coordinate outfits but there are a few more factors to consider when attending a winter wedding. We decided to break down the factors that you need to think about when planning for the winter wedding that you’re attending this season.


We may live in the Valley but the weather does drop significantly once we hit December. Figure out if the ceremony and reception will be held indoors or outdoors as this can make a huge impact on what you decide to wear. Whether you wear a simple dress with a cozy shawl or an elegant trench, it will be easy to wear in when wandering around during the cocktail hour.

Photo: Classy Girls Wear Pearls; http://www.classygirlswearpearls.com/2016/10/will-always-fall-for-you.html?m=1


If you aren’t sure what to wear and have looked for a new outfit for weeks, consider checking your winter dresses. Anything long sleeved will keep you warm but also comfortable in an outfit that you already know you love. No one wants to be dancing the night away in a dress that aren’t confident in.

Photo: Gal Meets Glam; http://galmeetsglam.com/2014/10/paris-love/


Weddings in winter can mean multiple things, especially key colors that coordinate with the season. Many weddings include deep reds, evergreen, dark orange and neutrals. Throw in your own splash of color and grab your favorite colorful dress. It will match the mood of the season and will make you feel even more festive! You could also keep yourself very neutral and go with a black or tan colored outfit as well

Photo 1: Gal Meets Glam; http://galmeetsglam.com/2014/11/red-dress/

Photo 2: Make Life Easier; http://makelifeeasier.pl/moda-i-styl/new-in-waiting-for-the-winter-wonderland/

Whatever you decide to wear for your holiday events will be perfect and reflect who you are. For more holiday inspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @Warehouse215.

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