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New Year’s Wedding

The New Year is a time full of celebrations, traditions and new commitments, making it the perfect time for wedding festivities. With glamour, sparkle and {a lot} of bubbly, New Year’s can be your ideal wedding date. People have time off of work, are home for the holidays and are ready to celebrate!. With traditions like kissing, popping champagne and confetti, why wouldn’t you want to get married on this date?

Wedding colors for a New Year’s themed wedding include golds, silvers and black. Gold accents are a must, whether it is in the trim on the glasses, as a part of the centerpieces on each table, or the color of your bridesmaid dresses {Remember that metallic dresses with sparkle and sequins are all the rage so don’t be afraid to add those in, too!}


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Big earrings, diamonds and jewels will draw in those colors and exude the old school Hollywood glamour elements. A perfect wedding hairstyle for the bride includes an up-do with gold hair accessories such as unique headpieces. Feathers, sparkles and confetti are all perfect additions to a New Year’s celebration. If you want to go big, you can even add a fireworks show to go off at midnight! Party poppers and horns are perfect to add to each table so your guests can properly celebrate. Streamers, gold tapered candles and big gold foil balloons are great for each of the tables and also for a photo area. Some other ideas include adding vintage clocks to each centerpiece as this day is really about celebrating and watching the clock.


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Finally, you can’t forget the champagne! Because what else really says New Year’s other than popping some bubbly with your friends? Feeling daring? Try featuring a champagne glass tower. It will look lavish and tie the theme together flawlessly. Personalized mini champagne bottles, champagne glasses or party horns would make perfect gifts for your guests to take home!


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So change up your average New Year’s resolution and ring in the new year by saying “I do.”


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