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5 Most Commonly Overlooked Questions

When planning any type of event, there are lots of questions that need to be asked. At Warehouse 215 we are more than happy to help answer any and all questions that you may have! Here are just some of the questions to keep in mind during your venue search! 

Is private event insurance required?

Yes! We want your event to go off without a hitch! In order to allow you and your guests to relax and have fun, we do require special event insurance for all events. Connect our venue concierge for all the details!

Can you do a custom cocktail?

Yes! Warehouse 215 loves custom cocktails! We are more than happy to help your customize you beverage package with the purchase of an open bar beverage package.

Event Venue Bar

Do you have a rewards system?

Yes! Check out our blog post for more details on how Warehouse 215 Points!

Do you offer any all-inclusive packages?

Yes! Our all-inclusive packages are anything but ordinary or generic! Warehouse 215 couples are not your average everyday duo’s our venue is unconventional and usually so are they.  We created these to simplify your day and still let your personal touches shine through! Have fun getting to know our trusted vendors & choose from a selection of package choices to design your dream day. Contact our venue concierge for more details!

Wedding Event Planning

Where can our guests park?

It’s always important to have parking, especially in Downtown Phoenix! We do offer 72 parking spaces in our gated parking lot directly outside of Warehouse 215. Your guests are also more than welcome to also park along the street outside of the building. For larger guest counts, there is the option to rent an additional lot near by upon availability of the lot. This would just need to be done closer to the event date.

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