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A Saturday in the Warehouse District

Warehouse 215 loves being a part of the Downtown Phoenix Warehouse district. It is continuing to grow with different businesses all the time. Whether you are looking for eclectic art, industrial wedding venues, stylish and hip bars and restaurants, or unique activities to gather your closest friends, you can find a little something for everyone in the Warehouse District.

We’ve put together the perfect Saturday in the Warehouse District for you and your friends to have a fun filled day on the town.


Start your morning off with the bold and delicious options that The Larry has to offer on their breakfast menu. Chef Malone Deever is working his magic to incorporate some unique twists to some of the classic breakfast meals everyone knows and loves.

Phoenix Warehouse District


Spend the afternoon strolling through the Bentley Gallery, admiring the contemporary paintings and sculptures.

If you are not the art gallery type, head a few blocks north from breakfast to catch a matinee Arizona Diamondbacks game at Chase Field.

Are you a soon to be bride? Book an bridal appointment at Grace Loves Lace bridal boutique in Luhrs City Center. You might even end up saying “Yes” to the dress!

Phoenix Art Gallery
Sports at Phoenix
Phoenix Bridal Boutique

Late Afternoon:

Gather the troops and head over to Urban Axes for a unique group activity to do with friends before dinner and drinks.

Phoenix Warehouse District Activities


To end the day, head over to Luhrs City Center and settle down into the lounge chairs at Bitter and Twisted. With their hip and innovative cocktail and food options, there is something for everyone in your group to love.

Cocktails Phoenix AZ
Bar at Phoenix Warehouse District

Late Night:

Not ready to end the night? Head upstairs from Bitter and Twisted to Little Rituals and finish the night creating lasting memories of the greatest Saturday night spent in the Warehouse District of Downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix Nightlife
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