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A Space Worth a Thousand Words

Industrial Event Space
Phoenix Industrial Wedding Venue
Wedding Warehouse Theme
Warehouse Event Space in Phoenix AZ
Bride and Groom on Rustic Themed Wedding

Our historic walls were dreamed up in 1918, serving as a linen laundry facility, and have since then become one of Phoenix’s greatest industrial warehouse event spaces. You will find our history in every inch with the original brick walls, concrete floors, wood beam ceilings, and clerestory windows. So we LOVE when our couples trust their photographer to use all the spaces around them to be creative and bold.

Industrial Event Venue Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Warehouse District Event Venue

Sarah & Matthew captured the true essence of our story by using all of the elements and textures around them to create some incredible memories. So what’s my advice to you this week? First: Let your photographer be creative! You will not be disappointed by the outcome. I can tell you that much! Second: Use ALL of the spaces around you to capture big moments. Heck, isn’t that why you booked the space in the first place?! And lastly, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to really nail down what you want to remember on your big day.

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