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Boho Wedding Ideas

Bohemian, or better known as “boho”, style is all the rage this year. With many adopting the bohemian-chic look in the way they dress, decorate and accessorize. In fashion, boho refers to a free-spirited, romantic and individualistic style. This style incorporates florals, gentle colors, earthy tones and whimsical details.

Boho weddings have become increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor venues as it incorporates a simplistic and laid back vibe to any celebration. Here are a few ways to add some boho flair to your wedding festivities.


Boho style wedding dresses feature lots of lace, delicate beading and satin. These dresses are often simple yet have characteristics that make them look absolutely stunning. Lots of boho dresses feature low, open backs or off the shoulder sleeves. Some of our favorite looks include dresses with long, lace sleeves which add some coverage while also showing skin {in a classy way}. Boho brides can also wear an off-white dress or more of an ivory color. Remember, it doesn’t have to be traditional as this is an earthy, free-spirited style.


Boho style wedding dresses

via Nicole L. Hill Photography www.nicolelhill.com

boho dresses

via Grace Loves Lace www.graceloveslace.com.au/shop/inca

The dresses can be paired with loose beachy waves, or a simple, messy up-do. You often see a lot of braids in bohemian style so incorporating fishtail or waterfall braids to your hair will add some cute and subtle detailing that will go a long way. The hair can be accessorized with flowers intertwined throughout the hairstyle or with additions such as lace head pieces or flower crowns.

messy up-do hair style

via www.pinterest.com/pin/548524429595673466

waterfall braids

via www.pinterest.com/pin/509188301602559978


A few colors that work perfectly with this theme include whites, light pinks, soft yellows and blues, greens and browns. Any color that is light, bright and airy while also exuding the individualistic, earthy lifestyle. Greens and browns can be used by incorporating vintage pieces such as old wood crates or ladders with some greenery and flowers.

Wedding cake colorful floral

via Mallory Renee Photography www.malloryreneephoto.com

Ruffled - photo by http://www.beccaborge.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/flamingo-gardens-wedding/

via Becca Borge Photography www.beccaborge.com


Flowers for perfect for boho bouquets include roses, peonies, lilies, dahlias and more. You can keep with the light pink, white and green color scheme. By adding mint, eucalyptus and ferns, you can tie in the natural boho feel. Keep the flowers and greenery long to create a wilder look. Tie the bouquets with long satin ribbons and you have the perfect bohemian flower arrangement!


via India Earl Photography www.indiaearl.com


via www.pinterest.com/pin/113786328063805086


Here you can incorporate in more flowers with candles, mason jars and other vintage pieces to tie the theme together. Using burlap can really embody the earthy tones and bohemian vibe and add a hint of darker colors. Boho weddings also often feature hanging pieces above the tables. Some examples include hanging lightbulbs by twine, hanging troughs of moss and ferns and chandeliers featuring olive branches and flowers.


via www.pinterest.com/pin/320670435949792296


via www.pinterest.com/pin/343047696596557725


The whimsical look can really come into play when decorating your altar. The ceremony is the most important part of the wedding, and you want to have a beautiful backdrop behind you to accompany your gorgeous dress and soon to be hubby. A wood altar is a perfect choice for a boho wedding, and you can hang loose, wispy white sheer draping and place additional greenery throughout. Add flowers that match your bouquet for a complete look! This is so easy to do and looks so classic! You can also completely cover the altar in greenery for a more natural look!


via www.pinterest.com/pin/263742121907425813


via www.pinterest.com/pin/173247916889931308

The variations are truly endless and allow you to customize your special day to fit your needs and wants completely! Remember that boho style is all about naturally beautiful details so using pieces from nature or those inspired by the outdoors always work to add to this theme.  Happy planning, boho babe!

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