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Brooke & Tommy

Oh, what a joyful day this was! On a particularly stunning March evening in downtown Phoenix, Brook & Tommy said I do in our historic bistro room filled with friends and family as witnesses. A night that was a perfect cross of modern, classic, and timeless we got to be part of something truly magical.

Brooke & Tommy at Warehouse 215-221
Brooke & Tommy at Warehouse 215-28
Brooke & Tommy at Warehouse 215-37
The Bride
The Groom

As the drapery hung softly and delicately off the original wooden beams of our popular ceremony space we all sat anxiously waiting for the long-anticipated moment of the bride to come down the aisle to her groom. Then, a glowing bride came down her petal-lined aisle in a moment that was graceful yet also so excited you almost couldn’t contain it. Now when I tell you the moment they said “I do” was nothing short of a party, we knew this night had only just begun.

The Bride and Groom
Happy Bride and Groom
Brooke & Tommy at Warehouse 215-312
Sweet Couple

Transitioning between all of our spaces the guests enjoyed a sunset and cocktails on our beautifully curated patio before reentering the warehouse to kick-off dinner and dancing in our Brick Room. The food. The decor. The dancing. The love that was shared at this moment in all of their lives was nothing short of perfect. We didn’t want the night to end.

Brooke & Tommy Wedding
Brooke & Tommy at Warehouse 215-106
Wedding Rings

Photographer: @tammyzelezphotography⁠

Catering: @arizonataste⁠

DJ: @deserthouseproductions⁠

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