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Details that WOW!

Weddings of Color
Wedding Event Detail in Downtown Phoenix
Wedding Invitation Phoenix AZ

What are the details you think of when trying to plan an event? The drinks, the lighting, the napkin color,  or maybe even the music? Well let me tell ya, there’s a whole lot more to details than one might think! And that is not to scare anyone, it just goes to show that details can be a million things to different people and all that matters is it is about YOU!

Phoenix Wedding Photoshoot
Wedding Event Invitations and Details
Close Up Shot of AZ Bride

Something we love to see is the personalized details people are using more and more, things people will remember. During this shoot, these vendors really grasped onto a special kind of setup to bring to life some of the smallest details that don’t go unnoticed. The gold leafing in the veil, stones, and gems on the tables, and even the unique jewelry they chose. Using pieces that will symbolize you as a person, as a couple or your future are all things people remember about great events that they will talk about for years after. These vendors are here to tell you that you can go bold, simple, daring, or unique and you will still be an eye-catching sight to remember.

Event Planning Details
Table Arrangement for Event in Phoenix
Phoenix AZ Bride on a Photoshoot
Table Arrangement and Detail for Wedding Event
Bridal Photo Session for AZ Wedding

Planning + Design: Weddings of Color

Florals: FormFloral

Photographer: Meg Brooke Photography

Dress: Neue Bride

Veil: Cleo + Clementine

Tux: Celeb Tux and Tails

Rentals: Material Girls

Invites: They Call Me Spindles

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