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Micro Weddings are here to stay!

Warehouse 215 Microweddings
AZ Small Wedding Venue

I’m sure we all remember all the craziness that came out of these last few years when it comes to everyday life, but one of the biggest impacts the pandemic has had is on event vendors! We have had to completely revamp most of our processes, systems, rules and regulations, and even packages! Just to accommodate the changing world. One of the highlights to come out of all of this is the boom in Micro Weddings, and honestly, WE LOVE IT!

Micro wedding in Downtown Phoenix AZ

Small Wedding Ceremony in Phoenix Arizona

What is a micro wedding? Well, it is a small ceremony usually between 15-30 people that happens in a shorter period of time than most engagements and wedding planning. So basically you get to have and plan a super small version of the wedding of your dreams. So we say get the chairs! And the flowers! And all the pretty things your heart has dreamt up since you were a kid because with a small guest count like this you can have it all!

Phoenix Arizona Elopement Couple
Downtown Phoenix AZ Micro Wedding Venue

Our space is so special because we get the privilege to accommodate not only our thousand-person events, or the 200 person weddings but we can say yes to a guest count as small as you want! The Alcove, on the northside of our historic building, overlooks the downtown Phoenix skyline and has wrap-around windows to bring the most special glow for that perfect moment. This building gets to see a lot, but I’d say these last few years have been its most cherished moments.

AZ Outdoor Venue for Small Weddings

Photography: Dallas Campbell

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