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Our Love is Art

Unique wedding hall in AZ

When choosing your perfect venue for that special occasion, what do you look for? Views, history, greenery, maybe character or something unique? Being able to capture your events at a space that has some or maybe all of these things is important! So when couples come through our iron doors and see the true beauty our warehouse offers, they get photos like this. Art.

Outdoor wedding spaceElopement venue in Downtown PhoenixOutdoor event venue AZDowntown Phoenix wedding

Sarah and Ryan celebrated with us in the fall of 2020 and let’s just say… they understood the assignment. Grabbing some of Phoenix’s best vendors they really grabbed memories from every corner of our property. Our historic venue brings views of downtown, natural and raw architecture, greenery in our perfectly kept gardens, and artwork from some of the world’s brightest minds. If you ask any photographer where their favorite place to shoot they probably won’t say anyone place in particular. Instead, you’ll find them responding with things like somewhere with lots of texture and different backdrops and somewhere that lets them get creative. This warehouse brings all the character you might be looking for when wanting to create those picture-perfect moments with a modern twist on classic charm.

Special Occasion Venue in Phoenix

Photographer: @jsonivephotography⁠

Coordinator: @riding_tandem⁠

Catering: @coppersquarekitchen⁠

Florals: @arraydesignaz⁠

Rentals: @materialgirlsweddings & @eventrentsaz⁠

DJ: @tregothedj⁠

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