Warehouse 215’s distinct textures and natural daytime and dramatic evening lighting provide beautiful backdrops for wedding photos, headshots, family photos, advertising imagery and much more.

If you’re a photographer, you know that the background for your photographs is key to successful imagery. For a standout Phoenix or Scottsdale area photoshoot location, a historic building can help you tell a one-of-a-kind visual story. At Warehouse 215, our renovated warehouse is the ideal locale for your next session. As it offers plenty of industrial details and warm textures. Such as wood, brick, glass block windows, and polished concrete floors.

Create Singular Photographs

Warehouse 215 offers a beautifully unique setting that’s been featured in numerous wedding and fashion magazine shoots. The venue isn’t limited to commercial use; it’s also an excellent site for:

  • Wedding photos
  • Engagement photos
  • Headshots
  • Family photos
  • Advertising images


Video Shoot Location for Documentaries, Advertising and More

Photography isn’t the only art form that can benefit from a distinctive background. Warehouse 215 is available for videography / video shoots, as well. The wide-open spaces, lighting and historic details create dramatic backdrops for:

  • Documentaries
  • Corporate videos
  • Advertising shoots
  • Wedding videos
  • Music videos


Close to Scottsdale and Other Suburbs

If you need a unique video or photo shoot location that’s convenient. That is near Phoenix, Scottsdale and other suburbs in The Valley of the Sun. It would be great to look at Warehouse 215 for your photography or videography needs. Let our modernized historic building be the backdrop. That can give your photographs and videos a stylish and interesting look unlike anywhere else in Arizona.