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Rehearsal Dinner Ideas in Downtown Phoenix

Being located in the vibrant Downtown Phoenix community is an advantage for our couples who get married at Warehouse 215. For one, Downtown Phoenix has a variety of premium photo opportunities (coming to you in a later blog post!). Second, Downtown Phoenix is home to a growing foodie scene. Our city includes some of Arizona’s most unique restaurants which are the perfect setting for your rehearsal dinner. If you’re looking for the perfect Phoenix Rehearsal Dinner – look no further! We’ve compiled our favorite rehearsal dinner locations in Downtown Phoenix below for you! These locations can accommodate groups, have great menus and are located within minutes of Warehouse 215.

The Arrogant Butcher


The Arrogant Butcher https://www.foxrc.com/restaurants/the-arrogant-butcher/  offers two smaller venues for private dining – The Office and The Boardroom. These nearly identical rooms can be used individually or combined to accommodate larger parties. Each room can hold up to 24 guests or 48 combined. The spaces are intimate yet comfortable. Enclosed in floor-to-ceiling MDF panels and glass walls with sheer curtains that can remain open to the dining room or shut, both rooms also come fully equipped with audio/visual equipment. If you’re looking for a swanky venue with an upscale feel, the Arrogant Butcher https://www.foxrc.com/restaurants/the-arrogant-butcher/  is perfect for your rehearsal dinner. Give them a ring at (480) 993-2501 to get started on scheduling your dinner today!

The Arrogant Butcher

Blue Hound


A Contemporary American Gastro-lounge located in the heart of the Phoenix”s vibrant Cityscape development. Blue Hound http://www.bluehoundkitchen.com/private-dining/events.htm  is located in the Hotel Palomar on the 2nd floor.

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails http://www.bluehoundkitchen.com/private-dining/events.htm  draws inspiration from local Arizona purveyors and farmers for an ingredient-driven New American social plates menu meant to be enjoyed with artisanal wines, craft cocktails and great beers.

The mood is neighborhood friendly but casually polished, from the cozy lobby lounge up front to the convivial dining room and patio in back. The colors, furnishings and light convey an at home vibe. Three distinct atmospheres provide a theatrical backdrop for any occasion and seating for 140 guests. If you consider yourself a foodie and enjoy new American food with a hipster vibe, the Blue Hound http://www.bluehoundkitchen.com/private-dining/events.htm  is perfect for you! Email Brooke at brooke.marteney@hotelpalomar.com for more information!

Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar http://www.switchofarizona.com/home.html is a contemporary lunch and dinner destination

Switch Restaurant and Wine Bar


Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar http://www.switchofarizona.com/home.html  is a contemporary lunch and dinner destination with a large variety of American- and European-inspired classics and soon-to-be new favorites.  Switch http://www.switchofarizona.com/home.html  has a variety of tastes to satisfy basic and adventurous palates, from excellent artisan bread sandwiches, savory crepes and flaky baked gallettes to burgers, seafood, meats and poultry.  They are constantly switching it up by using seasonal products and making menu changes to keep the options fresh and interesting.  They have a variety of dining spaces including a large patio, community bar, along with our spacious dining room serving parties of up to 25 guests.  For more information, give Switch Restaurant http://www.switchofarizona.com/home.html  a call at (480) 390-5108 .

rehearsal dinner location Seasons 52

Seasons 52


Your guests will feel welcomed and catered to at Seasons 52 http://www.seasons52.com/home . Their dining rooms can be configured to suit your needs and their event coordinator will see to every detail. From separate lighting, music and temperature controls, to complimentary A/V, they will ensure your event is seamlessly executed. Their menus change with the season to offer your guests the best of what’s good now.  But whatever the season, your menu will feature rustically prepared ingredients at their peak of freshness and a Master Sommelier-selected international wine list. If you’re looking for an upscale experience, be sure to visit their website at Seasons52.com http://www.seasons52.com/home  to book your rehearsal dinner.

wedding rehearsal dinner locations Mancusos Restaurant

Mancusos Restaurant


Mancuso Restauranthttp://www.mancusosrestaurant.com/   is conveniently located in downtown Phoenix, across from the Convention Center, Talking Stick arena and Chase field. Mancuso Restaurant has http://www.mancusosrestaurant.com/ 35+ years in the valley and was inspired by Frank and Agnes Mancuso’s family recipes. Their intimate fine-dining experience is itself a destination. Immerse yourself in Italy. Mancuso’s restaurant features popular Italian/American dishes prepared from their family recipes. Their Private Dining Manager will guide you through all aspects to make sure your event is, indeed, eventful. If you’re looking for home-style Italian cuisine, Mancuso http://www.mancusosrestaurant.com/  is perfect for you! Email them at info@mancusosrestaurant.com

venues fo wedding rehearsal

We know it may be hard to choose your favorite selection from these Downtown Phoenix rehearsal dinner spaces that we’ve listed for you. We suggest starting with your preferred cuisine type and experience and go from there! If you’re looking for something more laid back, we suggest The Duce, Switch or Arrogant Butcher. If you’re hip & trendy, try Mancuso or Blue Hound. If you’re looking for an elevated experience, go for Seasons 52!


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