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Seasonal Weddings

Trying to come up with a wedding theme or color scheme can feel like a daunting task! With the world of Pinterest and wedding blogs like The Knot, Style Me Pretty and Ruffled Blog – the options for wedding colors may seem overwhelming.

Luckily for you, we have just the tips and tricks to create the perfect wedding theme. We always suggest by starting with the season of your wedding. From there, you can incorporate textures, colors and even scents to create a unique and cohesive theme that is perfect for your wedding style!


As summer comes to an end, the leaves start to change and the earthier tones come out. Let this be an opportunity to play around with some great fall colors including browns, oranges, reds and golds. Incorporating changing leaves into your wedding festivities allows the beautiful colors of those red, orange and yellow leaves to become accents. Pinecones can also serve as additional embellishments that can be added to tables and accompanied by florals such as sunflowers and possibly even mini pumpkins.

Phoenix Wedding venues seasonal wedding Halloween theme

Phoenix Wedding venues seasonal wedding White christmas

Stephen Seebeck Photography http://www.seebeckphoto.com/ and



There are also ways to include hints of winter without completely sticking with the “winter wonderland” theme. Adding colors such as light blue, white and silver can create a frosty tone and are great alternatives from the traditional red and green Christmas color scheme. Through the use of candles and twinkle lights, you won’t even need a fire to feel the warmth this holiday season. The brick walls featured at Warehouse 215 create an environment that serves as a perfect reminder of winter.

Phoenix Wedding venues seasonal wedding Magical forest theme

Phoenix Wedding venues seasonal wedding

Mary Dougherty Photography www.marydougherty.com and



Spring weddings can blossom with light pinks, soft yellows and whites and will produce an airy and whimsical look. Weddings with green plant accents, other aspects of nature and florals such as daisies and tulips will undeniably exude spring. Hanging flowers and ivy on an iron or wood altar can also display rustic tones. An option to attach embellishments like bows to the back of chairs or collecting mismatched furniture such as couches and chairs to use as seating can polish the look completely.

Phoenix Wedding venues seasonal wedding Spring bottle hanging on a tree

Phoenix Wedding venues seasonal wedding Classic rustic theme

Les Amis Photo www.lesamisphoto.com and



Warehouse 215 is one of the few venues that can host an indoor wedding in Phoenix during the summer! A wedding between the months of June – August can feature hues of pinks, blues and various vibrant colors and tones. One thing to consider for your summer wedding in Phoenix are the wedding flowers. Some flowers don’t do so well in our Phoenix heat! Consider succulents or cacti for your centerpieces or flowers like orchids or birds of paradise.

Phoenix Wedding venues seasonal wedding table set up oasis

Event Venue Phoenix Seasonal Weddings

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To Live. To Love. Photography www.tolivetolovephotography.com


The possibilities are truly endless. Every couple can find some way to incorporate each season into their festivities if they are open to being creative and thinking outside of the box. And if you need some creative suggestions, that’s what we are here for.

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