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Stronger Together

Event Industry Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Event Venue Decoration

One of our greatest passions in running our incredible space is being able to be part of big causes in our community. Alongside AMAZING vendors we were able to bring awareness to the inequality of minorities in a captivating way!

Vendor Event AZ
Downtown Phoenix Event Vendors

Hosting an epic dance party with kids from our very neighborhoods we were able to show that no matter the color of your skin, the background of where you came from, or anything! That you two can be accepted and loved by those around you.

Event Venue Party AZ
Warehouse Event in Downtown Phoenix

Having a relationship with these vendors who care so much to make an event like this happen, makes us truly grateful to be part of such an incredible industry and to have a space that they love and trust to call upon! Our historic space brings that core feeling that life is so much bigger than we are.

Decorations in Event Venue

Party Food Phoenix AZ

Party Venue in Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix Event Vendor Party

We love our Downtown Phoenix community!

Performance at Phoenix Party
Kids at a Phoenix Party

Planning, Styling, Specialty Rentals: @partiesonpurpose

Photography: @mindydeluca

Rentals, dance floor, video games: @epicpartyteam

Balloons, specialty rentals: @luzballoonsllc

Signage: @decoinkdesigns

Invitation, signage, graphic design: @pageandparcel

DJ, lighting: @eventsmartaz

Cake, cupcakes, cookies: @abakeshop

Florals: @desertpoppyaz

Stilt walker: @showstoppersfun

Balloons: @balloonhappyaz

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