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Themed Weddings and Events

A wedding’s theme really sets the tone for the entire day. From the decorations to the dress, every aspect of your celebration ties back into your theme. That’s why picking the ideal theme for you is important. This is the best day of your life and you want every detail to be perfect.

A wedding theme is meant to reflect your interests, personality and hobbies. For example, if you and your fiancée go to the beach and surf every day, a beach inspired wedding might be a good option for you. However, a theme can also represent something that you like or have been picturing. Most people’s lives aren’t filled with glitz and glamour, but for one night your celebrations can completely transform that reality.

Although, choosing a theme can be rather difficult, especially if you like various aspects from multiple themes. That’s why we are here to help. Here’s a list of possible wedding themes that you can really make your own with your individual ideas and opinions.

Popular wedding themes include vintage, country, rustic, boho and beach weddings. Each of these themes have similar concepts but execute them all a bit differently to be specifically tailored to the category.


Vintage themes utilize used, pre-loved items such as old chairs, tables and other decorations. The dresses can reflect Hollywood glamour or The Great Gatsby/Roaring 20s style with slim physiques and either satin or lace. Hair can be in an up-do or loose waves swept to one side and makeup can feature a bold lip. Wedding décor can include mismatched furniture and vintage pieces such as wood crates, old suitcases or cute teapots.

wedding vintage themes

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vintage weddings decorations

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Country weddings don’t necessarily have to be on a farm like the name might bring to mind. Country weddings can also be more like a French country style. These weddings can feature mason jars, hay bales and burlap accents. Some locations include ranches, vineyards or renovated barns. There are so many ways to incorporate hints of this theme while adding in parts of others.

country styles of weddings

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country wedding motif centerpieces

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Some may mistake country and rustic styles as the same and although they do have some overlapping characteristics, they are slightly different. Rustic styles feature lots of wood, florals and greenery. A rustic theme is perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially a place with a beautiful backdrop. This theme also shares some similarities with the boho style that we will talk about next.

rustic wedding themes

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rustic centerpieces for weddings

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Bohemian style features whimsical, natural details that are all about a more feminine look. This style includes accessories such as flower crowns and lace headpieces. These dresses often have low backs and lots of lace. The theme celebrates free-spirited souls so flowers, greenery and wispy elements are all boho basics.

boho wedding decorations

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boho chic wedding theme

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