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6 of Our Favorite Wedding Spots

There are truly so many places to have fun taking pictures in our industrial Downtown Phoenix venue. Looking for inspo on what pictures to take on your special day?! Here’s a roundup of our favorite spots!

The Patio

groom on green tux and his groomsmen
newly wed couple kissing in the patio
patio wedding
outdoor photo ops

Having a little lush greenery in Downtown Phoenix is always so nice! Have a special first look or hang out with your favs for some epic photos!

The Alcove

Getting ready in The Alcove makes for perfect photo ops! Nothing but natural light + beautiful brick!

wedding entourage
best destination wedding spot bridal suite
maid of honor assisting brides veil

Downtown Murals

newly weds photo ops
outside wedding ceremonies
decorated wedding venues

Sneak away into the city for a fun backdrop! We are just blocks away from all of the city & its amazing murals! Our WH215 couples have even done their first look there for a memorable moment.


weddings outside
outdoor weddings

Head to the top of a parking garage for some epic photos!

Outside of Warehouse 215

Arizona Wedding Venue marriage elope
Outdoor Wedding Venues in Arizona
Fall Wedding Photos

The exterior of our building is just as charming as the interior! Have fun taking a stroll outside of our brick building!

Re-use Your Space

wedding spaces for rent
wedding spots in arizona
industrial wedding venues
best wedding spots

While guests are out on the patio for cocktail hour, have fun taking pictures in your ceremony space!

nice places to have a wedding
flower girl holding brides veil

With endless natural light, exposed brick, and industrial charm – your photos are destined to be as perfectly unique as you are! Can you picture yourself here? Contact us today!

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