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A cocktail is worth a thousand words!

Edible Designs for Cocktails on your next event!


cocktails dress up

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and now you can dress up your cocktails! You can make a statement with custom picture toppers for your event! SipMi is a company that specializes in amazing and really cool edible designs that float on top of special foam for cocktails and drinks!

prints the custom image onto an edible drink topper

You can choose your company logo, couple’s monograms, or any design that matches with your décor! SipMi prints the custom image onto an edible drink topper, for an unforgettable drink design!

personalized cocktail topper

Downtown Phoenix is always keeping up on the latest trends. And having SipMi toppers at your next event is the perfect way! That add a special, personalized touch and wow your guests! Phoenix’s only distributor of SipMi are the lovely people over at Liquid Caterers. Check them out on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/liquidcaterers/


Cocktail for Party Venues Phoenix AZ

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