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A New Year’s Eve Celebration

New Year's Eve party

Photo by: Mike Olbinski


Warehouse 215 New Year’s Eve party essentials!

The holidays can certainly wear a person down – gift shopping, wrapping, traveling, cooking. But once that’s all over, New Year’s Eve is waiting just around the corner with friends, fun and lots of confetti! This is where a super sensational New Year’s Eve party comes in.


We have seen some pretty amazing New Year’s Eve parties and weddings here at Warehouse 215, and we would love to host yours! Let’s take a look at some NYE party essentials to help ring in the New Year with flair!


Clock Themed Décor


New Year's Eve party Clock Themed Décor

Photo by: Harley Bonham

Since the event is all about counting down to midnight, clock themed décor would add a really fun element to the party. Picture items such as clock balloons, table numbers, centerpieces and even a wall covered in clocks of all different shapes and sizes!


Appetizers and Hors D’oeuvres


New Year's Eve party Appetizers and Hors D’oeuvres

Photo by: Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering

For a party that will consist of a lot of mingling and dancing/ You’ll want to serve some tasty bites that won’t be too messy or too filling . And keeping everyone on their feet and dancing the night away! Think anything with a skewer or toothpick like bacon wrapped figs or mozzarella stuffed cherry peppers.


Champagne Cocktails


New Year's Eve party Champagne Cocktails

Photo by: Something New Media

Champagne is typically the drink of choice on New Year’s Eve – who doesn’t love the sound of popping that bottle open? You will definitely want to keep some bottles ready for the countdown toast. But for earlier in the evening, serve some yummy, fizzy champagne cocktails! Champagne Mules are one of our favorites. Find the recipe here!


Sparklers and Confetti


New Year's Eve party Sparklers and Confetti

Photo by: Dan Sauer

Watch the countdown, toast your friends, pop the confetti and light up a sparkler! Say goodbye to last year and hello to a fresh start.

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