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Green Couch Convo with Pour Masters


Dave Forman has been in the business for a long time, 25 years to be exact and he has seen it all. His business, Pour Masters, has taken the world by storm, literally! Giving people the bartending experience without a liquor license is the goal for Dave and his team. We love a good cocktail and Dave has brought the game down to a science.

Previously working in sales, Dave knew that he had to switch things up in order to succeed like he planned. While commuting one day, he noticed a bartending school, canceled his meeting and headed in to learn to tricks of the trade. Once he was trained on the logistics of bartending, he knew that working from 9pm to 2am was not in the cards. After browsing the yellow pages, he noticed that there were only 2 other companies in the Valley that were bartending services so he took it to the next level.

Within the first year of business, he grew 1700%, which is crazy for a business to take off so quickly! He really pounded the pavement and worked on networking, cold calling and getting the word out there about his business. Doing all the grunt work at the beginning can heavily impact the overall success of your company and Dave saw his hard work pay off quickly.

We’d like to say a big part of Dave’s success is his great personality and want to help people, but the amazing cocktails definitely make a huge statement for themselves. He’s paid attention to detail and really wants to curate the perfect team of bartenders that represent his company in a positive way.

Just like any company, Dave has seen his fair share and one that he had to share was an event that people had to celebrate their cat. Over 100 people showed up with crazy gifts and celebrated the night away in honor of the hosts cat. Have you ever heard of that?! He has also seen some crazy interior design concepts in the homes of the events he has worked. One had a rock climbing wall up the side of Camelback Mountain and another had leather flooring in their kitchen!

To learn more about Dave and his Pour Masters team, head over to our Youtube page and watch our interview with him. If you are looking for bartenders for your upcoming holiday parties, reach out to Dave at  info@pourmasters.com and follow him on social media!

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