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Best Photo Ops in Downtown Phoenix

Nothing like a Downtown selfie! Phoenix photo ops, cityscape and its vibrant atmosphere makes for the perfect backdrop for any kind of photo!

Check out all of the places in Downtown Phoenix’s guide to the best places to selfie!

Phoenix Photo Ops

Civic Center


Civic Center is one of the best Photo Ops in Phoenix AZ

Such an amazing sculpture and a staple downtown, this is definitely a top place to take a picture!


Heritage Square


Phoenix Perfect Photo Ops in Heritage Square is an iconic place to stop by.

A part of Phoenix since 1895, this is an iconic place to stop by for a mini photo session!


Westward Ho


Westward Ho Hotel is an incredible vintage attraction in Phoenix which make it a great place for a mini photo session.

This hotel is FULL of history! Originally opened in the 1920s, it’s hosted tons of presidents and celebrities! Its vintage attraction makes it great to take a little city selfie in!


Roosevelt Row Murals


Roosevelt Row Murals in Downtown Phoenix

amazing murals to take a selfie in front of!


Murals are always a popular choice for a photo in Phoenix! This one has two amazing murals to take a selfie in front of! One of colorful wings to take a stylish pic in front of, and one of a flight of birds!

All photos and info found on Downtown Phoenix’s blog by Taylor Bishop. Check it out for more images and other places that made the list! : http://dtphx.org/2019/04/24/downtown-photo-guide-places-to-take-portrait-selfie/

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