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Showcase your Brand at Warehouse 215

Brand Event

We absolutely love Brand events in our industrial space, and our central location makes it truly perfect to launch your company’s event. Our charming and unique space allows your message to be seen while you can customize to create your perfect event. Here’s a couple of our favorite aspects for planning your Brand event.

Location, Location!

Things to do in Downtown Phoenix: Event Ideas Warehouse 215

Our venue is located in Downtown Phoenix’s charming Warehouse District, and perfect for incoming guests across the valley or out of town. Right by the many amazing nightlife, restaurants, hotels, arenas, and more! See all of favorite Downtown Phoenix Perks!

Photo Ops

Marketing Event Ideas
Marketing Event
Marketing Strategy Events

People love a photo op! There is nothing more important than for people to post about your incredible event and share your brand on social media! Make it fun by having an amazing backdrop.

Showcase your brand name

Brand Conferences
Top Marketing Events

When people walk into your event, have fun little gift bags or treats with your company logo on them! Makes a great way to incorporate your brand into every detail that guests will love.

Marketing Event Ideas

Room for everyone

Venues for Corporate Events
Corporate Event Spaces

Having a pop up shop and need to plan space for multiple vendors? Our 10,000 sqft building can help! We have plenty of space to have all of your vendors set up their shops.

Have fun with the meals!

Company Events
Marketing Venue

Plan a show-stopping snack that guests will be amazed by! We’ve loved seeing flaming donut stations, drink walls, and so much more!

Make it Interactive

Brand Promotions
Promotion of Brand
Brand Promotion Activities

Have a fun themed trivia game or walkaround with your ambassadors!

The possibilities at Warehouse 215 are endless! Contact our team to start planning your day!


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