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Wedding Showers in The Alcove!

small venues in phoenix wedding arizona
Graduation in Phoenix Amid a Pandemic

Have you heard about our newest daytime rental, The Alcove? It is perfectly charming with exposed brick & industrial metal, and intimate for guests of 60 or less. One of our favorite events to host in The Alcove is bridal showers! Gather your besties, and check out our list of top Bridal Shower themes to have in our space!

Champagne Brunch

venues for bridal showers
showers wedding

Make it fancy or dress it down! This theme is a classic and there’s so much you can do with it! Have a more glam brunch or a relaxed pajama party brunch!

Tea Party

bridesmaid lunch
bridal shower decorations

Vintage themes are a natural fit in our historic building – make your shower a cute tea party theme!

All Dressed in White

bridal shower dresses
bridal shower themes

A traditionally elegant white bridal shower pairs perfect with our natural light and exposed brick.

Boho Chic

small wedding ceremonies
party themes elegant black pink purple
nontraditional tattoo bar station

Boho Chic is all about dried pampas, beautiful colors, and fun activities! Lighten up the mood with an equally nontraditional tattoo bar station!

Love is Sweet

Bridal Shower Venue in Downtown Phoenix - Warehouse 215 donut bar corner
pink macaroons in a glass stand

Love is sweet – and let your guests indulge in the sweetness, too! Have a fun dessert filled day!

Industrial Garden

industrial garden theme party decorations
brick wall bridesmaid shower decoration

Two strong themes that blend beautifully together is our industrial space with lots of beautiful flowers!

Cozy Winter

Christmas cocktails wedding decor inspiration
hot cocoa for a subtle winter theme!

Having a winter shower? Make it fun and festive with spiked cider & hot cocoa for a subtle winter theme!

Made in the Stars

celestial connection theme
Made in the Stars love theme party

Your love was destined, and this theme celebrates the celestial connection with perfect style!



Ready to start planning your bridal shower in our Downtown Phoenix venue? Let’s chat!

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