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Choosing the Right Officiant for You

Choosing the Right Officiant for You | Event Venue Phoenix

Photo: Aaron Kess


One of the many decisions you will have to make during the wedding planning process – Who should officiate our ceremony? A popular trend that seems to be making a comeback is choosing either a friend or family member to conduct the service. This blog won’t focus on any particular side regarding the choice of a professional officiant or someone close to you and your fiancée, but rather how to choose what is right for you. Like we always talk about on our Warehouse 215 blogs, your special day should be EXACTLY how you want it, setting aside current trends and family expectations.


If you will not be using a religious figure or someone who personally knows you and your fiancée, you might be thinking about asking a mutual friend or relative who can speak to your relationship and history as a couple. If that is the case, you will want to consider a few things when choosing that person. They should be comfortable with public speaking and projecting to an audience. You want your guests to be able to hear and easily follow the flow of the ceremony.


Event Venue Phoenix | Choosing the Right Officiant for You

Photo: Carrie Patricia Studios


Practice, practice, practice! Professional officiants are used to composing the ceremony and incorporating specifics they receive from each couple. They come prepared with extra paper copies and have practiced their dialogue many times before the big day. They also are familiar with the importance of timing, such as telling guests when to take their seats and when to announce the couple at the conclusion of the ceremony. If you do choose an inexperienced individual, make sure they do their research and practice as many times as possible to avoid any missed queues or hiccups.


Award winning officiant, Mike Kennedy, with Arizona Wedding Ceremonies has written his own personal thoughts on the importance of a professional officiant, “…there is the matter of personalities and professionalism; will this person represent you in the way you wish to be represented? Do you feel comfortable that your officiant will deliver a positive ceremony, devoid of cheesy and inappropriate narratives (yes, it does happen)?” If you or your fiancée have any specific questions, we suggest you browse the internet and talk to other couples who have been through this. Explore your options and ask the important questions, but above all, make the choice that most compliments your personalities and makes you happy!

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