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Fun Additions to Cocktail Hour

cocktail hour ideas

The weather is beautiful year round in Arizona, and our venue has the perfect lush patio to host your cocktail hour. Enjoy those beautiful sunsets with your guests, and add a little extra touch to make it even more special.

Live Music

live music
Mariachi Band music for cocktail hour

How amazing is this Mariachi Band?! Add some live entertainment to make an even better cocktail hour!

Lounge Around

Giant Jenga
party lounge furniture

Make your guests feel comfortable! Add some lounge furniture and some games – like Giant Jenga!

Picture Perfect

Photo bus party ideas
unique photo booth ideas

A fun photo-bus is an unforgettable fun idea for guests to enjoy!

The ideas are endless here at Warehouse 215, and we love seeing what you’ll do for your event! Contact us today to start planning!

Cocktail Party Ideas
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