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Come to our Open House!

We love our Open Houses, and are so excited for our next Big Open House on Tuesday, June 1st!

phoenix event center open house in phoenix
beautiful venue rooms

We will be announcing the new names for our beautiful venue rooms, and welcome everyone to come see the space in action! Our Open House is a great chance for our booked clients to earn Rewards Points and meet our favorite vendors for the event. It’s also great for newcomers to meet our amazing staff + plan your perfect day with us! Either way, it’s a great night out with music, drinks, and food!

Can’t wait to meet you all there! RSVP here: Summer Open House

List of participating vendors:

Artisan by Santa Barbara

Fabulous Food Fine Catering

Keith & Melissa Photographers

Satyr Entertainment

Pour Masters

Epic Party Team

Material Girls Weddings

Sketch My Wedding

Couple of Bartenders

Stylish Events by Lisa

The Event Co

Kate and Company

Vermillion Events

Avant – Garde Floral Design


AZ Build 3D

Creative Backstage

Celebrity Tux & Tails

SKM Entertainment

Atlasta Catering

Copper Square Kitchen

Creations in Cuisine Catering

M Culinary Concepts

Something New Media

Karma Event Lighting

Desert House Productions

Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott

Hilton Garden Inn

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