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Corporate Event Grand Entrance

Phoenix Event Space Grand Entrance

What is the first thing you want your guests to see? What tone are you looking to set for your event? As a planner, one of the best feelings is everyone finally getting to see firsthand all your hard work, so why not start off with a bang! The “grand entrance” gives you a chance to wow your guests right up front and get them excited for an unforgettable experience.


At Warehouse 215, we have seen our fair share of Corporate events, which means we have also seen countless themes and respective décor. There are so many entertaining and unique grand entrance ideas that will help your event stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at a few of those options.



Company Logo

Phoenix Event Space Grand Entrance Displaying your Company's logo


Let’s not forget who brought everyone here! Displaying your company’s logo in a fun and interactive way can make for a cool photo backdrop while still keeping the host of the party in mind



Rolling out the Red Carpet

Phoenix Event Space Grand Entrance rolling out the red carpet







Nothing makes your guests feel more special than literally rolling out the red carpet for their arrival – taking a couple pictures with friends and pumping everyone up for an awesome time!

Phoenix Event Space Grand Entrance feel special with rolling out the red carpet







Food Trucks

Phoenix Event Space Grand Entrance featuring the food trucks

The food truck fad has NOT gone unnoticed. This is specifically something that can’t always be accommodated by local hotels and resorts. Here at Warehouse 215, we have a list of dessert trucks to choose from that can be placed on the patio to be seen right as your guests enter. We can even bring the truck inside the building!



Alcohol and Beverages

Phoenix Event Space Grand Entrance. The alcohol and beverages


Let’s be honest, a lot of your attendees are excited about those 2 free drink tickets you are providing. Why not welcome everyone with a glass of champagne or a nice themed cocktail!





Live Music

Phoenix Event Space Grand Entrance with live music

Get the party started with some live music right off the bat! At Warehouse 215, guests will walk through a lovely, lush patio on their way to the main entrance. Placing some musicians on the patio will give everyone just a taste of what’s to come. We’ve seen string quartets, acoustic guitars, harpists, piano players, jazz bands, and so much more!





Grand entrances do not always need to be extravagant to be memorable. No matter your budget, as long as you are sticking to the event’s theme and appealing to that specific crowd, you can’t go wrong! You can even use your grand entrance ideas at the end of the event for an equally impressive grand exit (along with an awesome swag bag). Happy planning everyone!

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