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Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market

The weather is finally warming up & now is the perfect time for physically distant outdoor activities. If you’ve never been, it’s every Saturday from 8am – 1pm, and here’s a little bit about the amazing staple in Downtown Phoenix.

Local Produce at Phoenix Market

The market is filled with locally owned businesses and gives you a chance to enjoy the sunshine & support local businesses that make this city so great. They have an amazing variety of produce, food & drinks, organic care products, apparel and so much more!

We love our Downtown Phoenix community we get to be a part of, and when you choose to shop at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, you are also helping to:⁠
✓ support food security in our community⁠
✓ preserve farmland and green space⁠
✓ promote food variety for the area⁠
✓ enhance our local economy⁠
✓ strengthen their sustainability⁠

You can even know order online! Check out more about this incredible market here: Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market

Visit the Farmers Market Every Saturday

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