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Downtown Phoenix – Growing and Changing

Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix in the 1940’s

Phoenix Amazing Festivals and Events


Whether it is the yearly Zombie Walk or the amazing festivals like the Donut Festival. Or the Wurst Festival we cannot get enough of how downtown Phoenix has grown in the last decade.

We remember coming down here when we were practically the only ones in the Warehouse District. Now there are restaurants on every corner and activities to do for the whole family almost every weekend!


Downtown Phoenix Arts and Culture


Phoenix is also home to a booming arts & culture scene. You can explore the Phoenix Art Museum or take one of the nation’s largest, self-guided art walks during Artlink’s First Friday. And no matter where you find yourself downtown, there are plenty of unique murals and street art to admire thanks to Murals of Phoenix, a collaboration of artists, photographers and art enthusiasts.

Downtown Phoenix art and culture

Malinda mural by Hugo Medina and Darrin Armijo-Wardle at the Renaissance Hotel

Phoenix Billion Dollar Metro Light rail


Along with growth comes transportation development. And in 2008, the Metro light-rail was born, a $1.4 billion project. Since the beginning, the Metro light-rail route has succeeded in attracting scores of passengers. This connects urban hubs and providing an economic lift to neighborhoods along the line. The 20-mile route runs between north-central Phoenix and the western edge of Mesa.


If you are new to the area or just want to explore more of the city, feel free to come by the Warehouse District and visit us over at Warehouse 215! We’re always happy to visit and talk about our amazing community.

Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix campus



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