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Elevate Your Bar: Couple of Bartenders

At Warehouse 215, we have our liquor license and are able to plan all of your event’s liquor needs! Which are customized and finalized through us- but the creativity doesn’t have to stop there!

There are so many amazing ideas to kick your bar service up to the next level! We are lucky enough get to work with amazing vendors and their awesome bar additions. One of our these vendors that we love having at Warehouse 215 is the lovely people over at Couple of Bartenders.

Couple of Bartenders

couple of bartender bar service for your event at phoenix warehouse 215

They have so many options to add on to your beverage package here with us and are all show stoppers!

Bar drinks on wheels

phoenix event venue bars on the wheels

First, they have two options for drinks on wheels! One is an amazing 1966 Chevy turned into a Tap Truck that is sure to add an extra element of fun for guests to have their drinks served to them. Their second option is a Cushman Tap Cart named Finlay Ray. As adorable as its name, the Finlay is an incredible option that can be dressed up with florals, and is a favorite to use as a champagne tap! As an added bonus, both of these cute wheels can be driven directly indoors at Warehouse 215! 


Couple of Bartenders also has amazing rentals for your bar! There are options for adorable wooden bar, white panel bar, or blue bar tap!

Wooden Bar Set up

elevate your event bar set up with these wooden bar decoration in Phoenix

They also can create SipMi, which is a fun & edible drink toppers that can be completed customized to include any logo, initials, or picture! These toppers are also gluten free, vegan friendly, and kosher- making them a perfect fit for any event!

Customized Drink Toppers

Check out all of their information and link to reach out to Couple of Bartenders directly on our Beverage Packages Page.

Contact us today to start planning your next incredible event here right in the heart of Downtown Phoenix!

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