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Live Streaming your Elopement: What to include!

Here at Warehouse 215, we are offering daytime Elopements as part of our “Summer of Love” specials. These specials are great for couples who just want to make it official in these crazy times and need more flexible packages! Our venue in the heart of Downtown Phoenix is perfect to celebrate your love in. Fully equipped with AC, tons of charming exposed brick & natural light, Warehouse 215 is perfect for your special day!

If you’re live streaming your elopement, here are some amazing traditions you don’t want to miss out on!


wedding elopements ceremony

Your ceremony is where you get to say your vows and make it officially official! This is the most important part of the day, and your loved ones will love to see it!


Our industrial building has everything you need to get some amazing portraits! From the outside of the building to all the little details inside, it is a beautiful space for portraits. We also have a lovely patio for some quick pictures and you can have fun exploring the Downtown Phoenix murals all around the city! Make sure to capture some beautiful moments in our romantic building to remember forever.

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Cutting the cake

Elopements Ideas Cake Top Rated Venue

A little sweetness to your day is never a bad idea! Have a mini cake for the two of you to enjoy and add a champagne toast! Our venue is offering champagne for you as an add-on to your elopement here with us. You can even ask everyone at home enjoy their own glass as well!

First Dance

first dance best places to elope

This is such a sweet moment! Your loved ones will want to see you dance to your chosen song to see your first dance as a married couple. End your live stream with an official first dance, and have everyone watching join in at the end to all dance together.

All of these ideas and more can make your elopements all the more meaningful! Contact us today to learn more about planning your elopement with us!

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