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Exciting new apartments in the Warehouse District!

As a member of Downtown Phoenix’s Warehouse District, it has been amazing to see all the new developments and growth over all of these years!

Now the Warehouse District is growing even more! A beautiful new luxury apartment complex called The Battery is being built right down the street from us! This exciting new building will be four stories high with a pool and amenities, and broke ground on earlier this month.

A beautiful new luxury apartment complex called The Battery Phoenix AZ

It will also be revamping two historic structures for ground-floor retail space, and as a historic building ourselves- we are so thrilled to see these beautiful historic buildings being restored!

The Battery is being developed by a former Phoenix Suns alum, JMA Ventures, Jackson Square Properties and CREDE Construction Advisory. So happy to see this area continue to grow, and cannot wait to see the project completed!

All images and information found over at the original post from  Downtown Phoenix.

 Contact us today to start planning your next exciting event here in the growing Warehouse District in Downtown Phoenix!

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