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Favorite Vendors for Holiday Parties

It is so hard to believe that we are halfway through October already! The holiday season is right around the corner, and love seeing all of the holiday parties here at Warehouse 215!

We always get asked what are some fun additional to holiday events, and all of our recommended vendors have great items to add to your event!

Epic Party Team is one of our favorite vendors that has so many great rentals. One of our past events had Epic bring in all of their arcade games, which was a perfect addition to their holiday party! They also have glowing furniture and tables. Contact Epic Party team here.

holiday party games

Trendy snack and beverage trucks are another fun way to get guests mingling and give them a special treat! Read more about our pre-approved trucks here.

 themed holiday parties

Bright also has an amazing inventory of rentals that add a statement to your party! Check out more pictures and contact them here.

holiday drinks for parties

venues for Christmas party


We’re so excited to see all of the fun ideas from this season’s holiday parties in our central Downtown Phoenix location. Contact us today at Warehouse 215 today for hosting your next exciting event!

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