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Fun Facts about DTPHX

We love being a part of the Downtown Phoenix community. Warehouse 215 is one of the incredible historic buildings. That are thriving as a local business within this amazingly creative, unique, and growing area! There is so much rich history and fun facts about Downtown Phoenix. Here are some interesting things you may not know already.

There used to be an underground bowling alley

Fun Facts Phoenix Area Venue Historic underground bowling alley

Ever been walking through Downtown Phoenix and see these skylights on the ground? In the early 1940s -50s, there was an underground bowling alley called The Gold Spot. And these skylights are what lit up the underground area. They are still here and can be seen on the street across from Westward Ho.

Hotel San Carlos’s Walk of Fame

renting warehouse space phoenix az hotels

You may have noticed the little gold stars in the sidewalk of Hotel San Carlos. These are dedicated to the many celebrities that have stayed in Downtown Phoenix at Hotel San Carlos during Hollywood’s golden age in the 1950s. Most famously, Marilyn Monroe was a frequent guest and there is even a ‘Marilyn Monroe Suite’ at the hotel. That was her favorite room to stay due to the close location to the pool . Which is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Humphrey Bogart, Mae West, and Clark Gable also have suites and stars. And it is such an amazing fun little way to commemorate this part of Phoenix ’s past.

Featured in the movie Psycho

Phoenix Featured in the movie Psycho

Movie buffs and fans of the movie may already know this one, but the opening scene of ‘Psycho’ was shot of Downtown Phoenix in 1960! Love being able to have a shot of Downtown’s history in such an iconic film. Re-watch the move and see how many local businesses still around today you can recognize. =)

Old Bank Vault

Fun Facts in Phoenix is Old Bank Vault Hilton Garden Inn used to be the Valley National Bank of Arizona

Hilton Garden Inn used to be the Valley National Bank of Arizona up until 1972. And the bank’s original vault door is still there today! Although the building was renovated in 2016 into a hotel. It’s wonderful to see little peaks into the past that was left behind.

All photos, information, and more Phoenix fun facts can be found from the original post over at DTPHX.

Wanting to take a tour and learn a little about the history over at Warehouse 215 for your next event? Contact us today !

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