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Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Thank You For!

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One of the most important components for a successful and somewhat stress-free wedding planning experience…. the wedding party! They have been there for you and your fiancée through thick and thin, during all the happy and hectic moments leading up to your big day. There is a reason wedding party gifts are a tradition – this is your chance to show your appreciation!

Phoenix Wedding venues: Party Gifts!

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the right gift. A good rule of thumb is to give a gift you would actually like to receive. We all have long-forgotten presents collecting dust in the back of our closets because we either have no use for them, or they don’t have special meaning.

Giving personalized gifts for your wedding party shows them you care about them as individuals, not just as a group. You certainly don’t have to get each person a different gift – you can choose one item and have them individually monogramed or personalized in some way. Each member of your wedding party will have something heartfelt and tailored to them specifically at the end of it all.


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ETCH is an amazing, portable engraving service here in the valley that can fulfill all your engraving needs on a multitude of surfaces! They work with concrete, wood, metal, glass, flagstone, leather, plastic and much more. Let your imagination soar – monogramed wooden signs, water bottles, coffee mugs, flagstone address number – virtually anything you can think of, big or small!






Phoenix Wedding venues: Party Gifts!

Photo found on ETCH Facebook page

Need ideas for personalized, engraved gifts? Reach out to ETCH today for additional information. They will work with you to help design the perfect wedding party gifts (and anything else you might want engraved). Trust us, your wedding party will thank you for the thoughtful gesture. It will think back to the whole experience with fond and happy memories.




Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Thank You For!

Photo found on ETCH Facebook page


Phoenix Wedding venues: Party Gifts


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