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Graduation Parties in Downtown Phoenix

Graduation in Phoenix Amid a Pandemic

With this current pandemic, it is so hard to see families/friends not be able to celebrate their milestones together. One of the most important is graduation seniors from either high school or college! Once it has been deemed safe to have smaller celebrations together, The Alcove is the perfect space to do so.

Phoenix Graduation Small Celebration

The newest addition here at Bentley Projects. The Alcove is made for those smaller gatherings that want to make a big impact with a uniquely special space. Perfect for guests 60 or less, all events in The Alcove must end by 4pm and makes it ideal for baby showers, luncheon meetings, bridal showers, workshops, and everything in between. Although it is our smaller rental option, it is definitely not lacking in charm! The Alcove has the same incredible industrial feel of our other spaces, with large metal doors, airy natural light, and original brick walls.

smaller venues gatherings for graduation party in phoenix az

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The Alcove is 2,500 sq ft of flexible space to be able to create your own dream event! It is the perfect space to have fun add-ons and lots of lovely fun activities and take advantage of some of our in house upgrades like our photo booth, corn hole & giant connect four, and more! We are also located right in Downtown Phoenix, the perfect central location for all your loved one to gather.

cheap party halls in phoenix

Our heart breaks for all of the graduates that haven’t been able to celebrate the big day of their graduation. And we hope to be able to let you celebrate in a space as unique as you are! Contact our team today to check out the space while we all socially distance!

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