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Hance Park Revitalization

Hance Park has been a prominent part of Downtown Phoenix and hosts many festivals, concerts, and more yearly! It has recently been announced that there are plans for a major revitalization project!

Hance Park Downtown Phoenix

This project is going to have so many amazing new additions, including a large $2 million playground donated by the Fiesta Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl is such a wonderful nonprofit, and Warehouse 215 has been lucky enough to host some of their events here! It’s amazing to see the community coming together for this incredible project!

Downtown Phoenix Environmental Play

Hance Park Phoenix Cafe

Cannot wait to look forward to its unveiling and the updates on this amazing Hance Park Revitalization project in Downtown Phoenix! All pictures and information found over at the City of Phoenix!

a perspective view of amphitheater lawn at night in Downtown Phoenix

Warehouse 215 loves being a part of this every growing community Downtown, please contact us to find out more about hosting your next event here, too!

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