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Independents Week Arizona

Downtown Phoenix is full of so many amazing local businesses and the list just keeps on growing! Warehouse 215 is proud to be a part of Bentley Projects adding to that list and a part of Local First Arizona. This weekend with Independence Day coming up, it also marks the start of Independents Week for Local First Arizona where everyone can celebrate and support local businesses! Check out the video highlight from last year’s amazing Arizona Independents Week!


What better way to spend your days off during the holiday week? By checking out the best of our local shops, restaurants, and everything in between! Starting June 29th and going until July 7th, you can get a special coupon. Which can be use in participating businesses during the week.

Independents Week Arizona Local First

Head over to their website to check out how to support all great and fun businesses. That makes Arizona and Downtown Phoenix so special! Local First AZ

All images and video via Local First Arizona.

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