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Let Us Host Your School’s Next Prom!


Warehouse 215 Phoenix Prom Venue

We are just about to enter….PROM SEASON! We at Warehouse 215 venue, absolutely love hosting proms for school’s that come from all over the Phoenix valley, public or private. There is no feeling like watching each excited student walk into the decorated venue for the first time, huge smiles on their faces.


Phoenix Warehouse 215 venue has hosted dozens of proms over the years. We can accommodate small schools, or schools with guest counts up to 1000! We are an event venue is perfect for hosting huge prom. With two main rooms, each about 3800-3900 square feet, as well as a lush patio out front. All of which are included in your prom rental venue package in Phoenix AZ.



What a typical Prom setup looks like…


One of the rooms with tables and chairs as well as any food & beverages that will be provided. The other room would be used for the DJ and dancing! And with lots of lobby space, there will be plenty of room for photobooths, professional portraits, silent discos (yes we’ve seen those brought in, and they are awesome), or any other fun activities you have planned!


Prom venue set up


Included in your Prom venue rental package…


  1. Bay 2 & 3 with patio
  2. 20 x 72” round tables + 8 x 8ft tables + 6 cocktail tables
  3. 250 Black Resin Chairs
  4. Black Floor Length Linens
  5. 10 uplights
  6. 5 setup hours, 4 event hours, 1.5 tear-down hours
  7. Onsite personnel & Security
  8. Non-floral centerpiece options


Prom venue in Phoenix


Please feel free to reach out with any questions, we at Warehouse 215 event venue in Phoenix would love to host your school’s next Prom! Be sure to let us know your preferred date sooner rather than later, we book Prom season dates very quickly. For more information and pricing, please click here!


Phoenix Event Venue

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