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Make your virtual event a hit!

verizon virtual event spaces

Just because events have moved to hybrid virtual events more and more, does not mean they still can’t make an impact! Our beautiful industrial venue is perfect for adding special touch to your streaming, and here’s some ideas to make it effective and interactive.

Live Competitions!

Having a little competition can help keep virtual attendees engaged and having fun! Whether through trivia or voting, carve out a section of the event for getting the audience involved to play games and have a chance to win a prize!

A Standout Backdrop

With many virtual events, there tends to be a little extra in the budget that wouldn’t ordinarily be there. Take advantage of this and create a visually stunning platform for the streaming! This can be done easily with our exposed brick, metal doors, and chandeliers – but don’t stop there! Showcase your company with custom backdrops and fun eyepopping décor! Having a professional appeal can help bring that event inclusivity to at home guests.

Get Things Moving

virtual event ideas
Get a Star Speaker

Make sure that your speaker is just as captivating to your audience as the virtual factors being planned. A great speaker can be such an important part of streaming!

Send a pre-event gift

The hype can get started even before the event. Get guests excited for the event by sending a special package ahead of time! This can be your product, keepsakes, or self-care boxes depending on what fits for your brand!

online event

Make it a Full Affair

Take advantage of the extra space and plan out multiple showcases with t heir own speakers! Allow attendees a free period to virtually go from room to room in different chats.

See more details & ideas from the original blog post at Event Manager. Want to start planning your virtual event at Warehouse 215 in Downtown Phoenix? Contact us today!

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