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Meet George of Cooper Square Kitchen.

The Phoenix wedding industry is home to many talented professionals. From planners to photographers to calligraphists and caterers – you’re sure to find the perfect vendor for your Arizona wedding.  Although we don’t work with them every day, the minute an event starts we are all coworkers. It’s important to find vendors that we mesh well with and that have the same business values as we do. When we find vendors that we can’t imagine a special event without, we make sure to recommend them to our couples that book with us!

Copper Square Kitchen is one of those Phoenix wedding vendors that we absolutely love! Copper Square Kitchen is a local Phoenix catering company that serves delicious food for your wedding, corporate or social event. We had the pleasure of sitting down with George of Copper Square Kitchen and getting the inside scoop of what it’s like to work in the catering business.

Cooper Square Kitchen.


Copper Square Kitchen began in 2007 and is a part of the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix. Primarily, it was used as the catering for all events that occurred within the ballrooms of the hotel. After realizing how well this company could flourish, they decided to spread it out to more than just their venue. By creating Copper Square Kitchen, they wanted to separate themselves from the hotel and branch out in the field of catering and events. They have such a creative and delicious menu that all guests crave more.

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David Schacher Photography LLC

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David Schacher Photography LLC

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David Schacher Photography LLC

George started out with the Hyatt Regency back in 1999 and worked in the deli that they had just opened. There, he worked in the back of house and helped prepare for the events. He was one of the many people that assisted in putting on a special and successful event. Working in the BOH or ‘back of house’,  George started to realize how many ideas and concepts he had and wanted to execute them to make Copper Square Kitchen even better than before. He received an offer to move out to Monterey in California and work the sales aspect of events. With this, he would be leaving his position in the back of house and be the face of events they hosted. Within three weeks, his bags were packed and he went off on a new journey within his career. Living in Monterey was great for George but it wasn’t home for him. He came back to the Valley about 4 years later and jumped back into sales at the Hyatt Regency. He incorporated all his ideas into this new position and work one-on-one with couples to make their dreams come true.

Like us, George loves working with vendors that have similar thoughts on how an event should be executed. If a couple or business is having an event, it should be treated like the only event that venue has ever had. Not to say this job is a walk in the park but the outcome leaves us with such joy and love.

We hope you loved getting a peek into the vendor life and hearing about how passionate George is. It takes a village but having a strong team makes the job a little more fun. For more of our Green Couch Convos, subscribe to us on YouTube and like us on Facebook! Also, be sure to give Copper Square Kitchen a little love too!

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